Custom ERP Software Development Services

Custom ERP Software Development Services 

Building a scalable, business-tailored system that integrates all business management processes and enables data-driven decision-making is the goal of developing custom ERP software. Young Techies offers end-to-end ERP creation and support to assist you gain a thorough understanding of business operations, streamline information flows, and reduce business costs. Young Techies has 10+years of experience in enterprise software development. 

Advantages of Custom ERP 

The purpose of custom ERP is to deliver functionality that is specifically tailored to meet the distinct operational and strategic demands of an organization. A custom ERP provides the following advantages in addition to adding particular capabilities that commercially available ERP software lack: 

  • Flexibility to quickly integrate novel features or technology as your organization evolves or grows. 
  • Integration with the required systems, including legacy software, is simple and affordable. 
  • UX & UI that are practical for different user roles. 
  • Compliance with all necessary national, international, and sector-specific compliance with all necessary national, international, and sector-specific regulations. 
  • superior protection for the data that ERP software stores. Support for distributed (blockchain-based) or centralized data storage. 
  • TCO that is long-term optimized. 

Functional ERP Modules Created by Young Techies 

To automate and improve the efficiency of your workflows, we can design the following ERP modules based on your company’s demands and budget: 

Finance And Accounting 

Accounts payable and receivable tracking, general ledger administration, and billing automation are all aspects of financial planning and analysis. 

Human Resources 

Handling of HR policies and staff, including payroll, attendance, learning, and request management for employees. 

Production Management 

Organizing, controlling, and planning a production. Product lifecycle management and quality assurance sub-modules could be present. 

Sales & Marketing 

Features for managing customer orders automatically, creating data-driven marketing campaigns, interacting with customers, and monitoring sales dynamics. 

Supply Chain Management 

Automation of sourcing and procurement, vendor management, and inventory control. 

Project Management 

Tools for team collaboration, work assignment and tracking, and project planning and monitoring (instant messaging, shared file space, etc.). 

Document Management 

Document templates, simple document navigation, and central storage of many document kinds. 

Data Analytics and BI 

For monitoring, analyzing, and optimizing the performance of every business department, comprehensive data analysis and visualization functionality. 

Chatbots & Virtual Assistants For Users 

Chatbots can automate typical company-specific tasks, whereas chatbots can aid users in navigating ERP

Knowledge Management 

Knowledge sharing and collaboration features are included in a centralized knowledge repository along with a strong search engine. 

Along with business-specific ERP features, we put into practices: 


With your budget and business requirements in mind, the Young Techies team can assist you in choosing the best combination of functional building blocks for your custom ERP system. 

ERP Multi-Platform for Simple Access 

Our organization can make ERP available in any format that you require: 

Web App 

with full functionality. 

Desktop application 

For specific software modules, like planning, that have a complicated user interface. 

Mobile App 

Limited feature mobile app for easy data entry and retrieval, workflow-streamlining notifications, and dashboards for quick decision-making.

Young Techies focuses on user-friendly UI that boosts employee satisfaction and productivity as well as UX that encourages desired user behavior for all ERP app versions. 

Roadmap for Custom ERP Development 

  1. ERP requirements engineering and business need analysis.
  2. Designing the architecture, user interface, and user experience (UX and UI) of ERP software.
  3. ERP installation tech stack choices.
  4. Planning an ERP project: scope, timetable, budget, KPIs, etc.  
  5. ERP creation and quality control.
  6. Integration with the necessary systems, such as a vendor portal, a CRM, and IoT command systems.
  7. Enterprise data migration from a resource planning system that was previously in use to ERP or spreadsheets.
  8. ERP implementation in a working context. 
  9. User Training. 
  10. Continuous ERP software development and support (optional). 

Young Techies ERP Projects 

We build ERP software for various industries:

  • Manufacturing
  • Retail and Ecommerce 
  • Finance
  • Construction
  • Professional Services 
  • Information Technology 
  • Healthcare
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Logistics
  • Oil and Gas
  • Education

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