What exactly is mobile app development, then? 

The process of creating software programmes for use on portable electronics like tablets and mobile phones is known as mobile app development. 

Usually, technologies like Unity, Rails for Ruby, Appery, Flutter, and Swiftic are used to create mobile apps. And as we all know, apps fulfill a wide range of user needs, including those related to lifestyle, productivity, financial management, nonprofit work, and social interaction. 

How may Young Techies mobile app development services benefit your business? 

Young Techies assists businesses in the design, development, and scaling of stunning, user-focused mobile apps. We take a methodical, iterative approach that includes user research, design, strategy, and software development. And we construct it correctly the first time. 


High-Fidelity Designs 

We design an application experience that is pixel-perfect in every way. 

Administrative Dashboard 

We make it possible for you to view data, get insights, and perform support desk duties.

Application & Server Codebases

We confirm that your digital assets are stored on Github, BitBucket, or GitLab. 

App Store & Play Store Submission

We assist with app submission, approval, and the creation of your App Store page. 

How much does developing mobile apps cost?

The cost to develop a custom mobile app varies depending on the features and capabilities that must be created—as well as the project’s size. However, a Young Techies project typically costs between $25,000 and $500,000. 

We always have a deep dive call with our clients to properly understand and plan the scope of our initiatives. We utilize this first call to outline the timeframe and budget projections so that everyone is aware of them and on board. 

Project Plan for Developing Mobile Apps 

For our mobile app development projects, Young Techies has a strong system for planning, research, and strategy. We devote a lot of time and effort to planning to make sure we’re tackling the relevant issues in the appropriate time frames. 

We begin with a research and strategy phase where we thoroughly grasp your market, target audience, and value offer. We specify the KPIs and measures that direct our success. We conduct rigorous user research, usability testing, and competitive analysis before developing our product and brand strategies. And we confirm our presumptions repeatedly. 

In order to customize the functionality, appearance, and user experience of your mobile app for your users, we then move on to UX design and graphic design. We begin with low-fidelity wireframes and end up with high-fidelity wireframes that show exactly how your app will appear and work. 

Finally, we get to developing mobile applications. We use solid research, planning, and high-fidelity wireframes during development to produce precisely what you wanted and what was agreed upon. To ensure functionality and efficient development, we build the front- and back-end in parallel modules, and we finish with extensive testing. 

Together, let’s create something spectacular. 

We assist you in creating attractive structures that scale well.