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The process of managing a website’s or web page’s visibility and position on a search engine’s unpaid result page (SERP), also known as the “natural,” “organic,” or “earned” results, is known as SEO Service. As one of the top local SEO service providers as well as national and international SEO Service Providers in India, we have provided several tools tactics that have proven effective over time. A website will receive more visits on a regular basis if it frequently appears on the top page of search results. SEO can target a variety of search types, including image search, local keyword search, video search, news search, academics search, and vertical search engines tailored to specific businesses. Numerous local, national, and worldwide honours have been bestowed upon us as a result of our innovative and AI-powered SEO strategy.


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SEO Service by Young Techies 

Due to our unmatched SEO skills and abilities, Young Techies (Indian SEO and online marketing company) is on the top page of Google. Many Seo companies will guarantee you the first page of results, but they are unable to show you their website on that page for a general search term. We’ll work with you to improve your website’s reputation online and authority so that it appears on search engine results pages. With a combination of On Page SEO, Off Page SEO, SMO (Social Media Optimization), ongoing website reputation monitoring, SMM (Social Media Marketing), SEO optimised content writing, and upkeep of social media pages, our plan will get you on the top page of search results. Our SEO experts work to adjust your SEO plan to any and all Google adjustments, including Panda and Penguin from time to time.


SEO Process 
Search Engine Optimization: On-Page & Off-Page:  

Techniques and strategies for search engine optimization that will crush the competition: The best approach to get the attention, clients, and customers your online business requires is by using SEO. Without it, your website will remain the quiet child who is unable to stand up in front of those who matter, in this case, your clients and consumers. You won’t be able to bring new customers through your company’s sales funnel without good SEO. 

Trending Keyword Research and Utilization 

With effective keyword research and use, your SEO campaign will fail before it even gets off the ground. We’ll research the appropriate keywords and develop a strategy based on the service your company offers. 

360 Competition Analysis

Understanding your rivals’ strategies and modes of operation is essential to beating them at their own level in any sort of competition. 

We will identify what and how your rivals are able to maintain an advantage over everyone else and put a strategy into place to level the playing field. This is what will ensure that your company remains relevant on Google Search Engine every year. 

Conversion Tactics 

Having a talent but not knowing how to use it is one thing. Even though having so much traffic is advantageous, a low conversion rate negates its value. To assist you improve your ROI and conversion rate, we’ll put conversion strategies into practise. 

SEO Reports every month 

We’ve opted to offer monthly reports that show the traffic to your site, the keywords you are ranking for, and how your ranking changes from month to month since we believe you should know what your money is buying. 

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