Results-Driven Pay Per Click Marketing Services in India 

Our PPC professionals have knowledge and experience in all types of PPC campaigns, including Facebook Ads, Google Ads, and programmatic display. Our carefully honed strategy makes use of campaigns with highly defined topics, landing sites that are optimized for conversions, and clever data that makes it simple to identify the advertising with the best return on investment. 

Get Better ROI with Young Techies PPC Services 

Competitive Keyword Research  

We will research what your rivals are offering in order to better understand where you should be. We’ll identify the most effective long-tail keywords to ensure that your advertisements appear for the highly targeted searches you want, and we’ll identify the most effective negative keywords to prevent you from appearing in the searches you don’t want. 

The Right Ad Channels  

We’ll examine your potential customers to determine which platforms, such as Google, Bing, Facebook, LinkedIn, and more, would be best for serving your ads. 

Better Ad Copy  

To significantly raise your ad’s quality score and increase the frequency with which it is displayed, we will assess the copy of your ad. In order to increase your conversion rate, we’ll also examine your click-through rate and optimise your ad wording by a/b testing various ads.

Remarketing, Ecommerce and Geo-Targeting

Remarketing, where we target visitors who have already been to your website, E-commerce advertisements that concentrate on specific products, and Geo Targeted ads that concentrate more regionally are some of the Google ad solutions that can produce better ROI. Young Techies is knowledgeable in everything mentioned above. 

Bid Management 

Our expertise in bid administration as Google Partners extends to automated tactics like “Target CPA” and “Maximize Conversions.”

A Human Connection

Young Techies provides you with a project manager who will provide you with thorough campaign reporting at a predetermined period. 

The Value of Our Free PPC Audit